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Our Spiritual Leadership Council

The Spiritual Leadership Council of Unity North Tampa is a group of members voted into leadership based on their personal and professional skills and united in their love of Unity North Tampa. Their purpose is to oversee the strategic plan and the financial state of the spiritual center. They are committed to Unity Principles and the spiritual growth of the congregation. Their goal is to hold their heads in the clouds while keeping their feet well grounded.

We are so blessed to have this dedicated, loving group of members willing to give their time and talent to Unity North Tampa.


Upholding the spiritual purpose of the Ministry


Determining policies and procedures related to Unity North Tampa’s tithes and stewardship programs


Managing the assets of Unity North Tampa


Holding the highest interest of the Membership in conducting the business of the Ministry


Determining business needs of the Ministry & authorize payment of money for these purposes


Establishing and overseeing committees to expand the effectiveness of the Board & to create a community effort

If you would like to speak with a member of the Board, look for one of these friendly faces after a Sunday service. They are always happy to talk with you.


Donna Stevens, President

Donna came to our Unity congregation in July 2018 and became a member in February 2019.  She has served as an Usher, a Worship Assistant, sings with the Sounds of Light, served on special events, and served on the Leadership Council as Secretary before becoming President.  Professionally, Donna has previously worked in banking as a teller manager and a banker and most recently worked for a leadership development and human resources consulting firm as a system specialist.  She has been married to her husband, Jim, for 42 years and has two sons that are both married, and one grandson.

~ What does Unity mean/represent to you?  I have come to know Unity as my spiritual home where I share my spiritual energy with like-minded individuals.

~ What drew you to Unity North Tampa?  I had been searching for a long time to find a place where I felt connected with others like me.  I knew I was being guided here when I found UNT’s website and read, “A positive path for spiritual living.”  I felt like I had found my spiritual home the very first time I walked through the doors.

~ Why do you serve?  I serve because I feel the need to give back all that I have been doubly blessed with from the enlightening, inspirational, motivating and uplifting energy I feel from my spiritual home and each individual congregant.

~ What excites you about the future of Unity North Tampa?  Based on the consciousness of our congregation, I know we will manifest our perfect minister very soon.  My vision is that our congregation will grow and prosper better than ever before.  Our property and facility have s0 many possibilities for expanding and developing new things as well.  What’s not to get excited about?


Bill Leach, Co-Treasurer

Bill has followed Unity teachings for over 30 years. He is a retired attorney who assisted people with rare genetic disorders through a free national legal services program. Bill is also one of the founders of Rainbow Recovery Club, a local charity that provides meeting facilities for various recovery groups. He currently serves on our Minister Search Team.

~ What does Unity mean/represent to you? When I first learned of Unity’s Five Principals, I recognized them as a clear expression of what I had already come to believe.

~ What drew you to Unity North Tampa? My first experience at Unity North Tampa in 2017 was very reminiscent of what I felt when I attended my first Unity service in 1986: I had come home.

~ Why do you serve? “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:9

~ What excites you about the future of Unity North Tampa? A genuine sense of community and shared commitment. Every being has come as a light into this world to illuminate Wholeness, each of us in our own unique fashion and in harmony with one another. Let there be Light!


Greg Yarmesch, Treasurer 

Hi UNT Friends! My name is Greg Yarmesch and I am very grateful to be a member of this wonderful Spiritual Center and a trusted member of your UNT leadership council.


Prior to becoming acquainted with Unity 15+ years ago, I felt that I had truly been defeated by Life. My religious upbringing taught me of a punitive God, up in the sky that was out to get me, and I was carrying a load of guilt and shame on my shoulders.


The first time I walked into Unity, the congregation was singing, Come on In. Some of the lyrics I heard were, “Come on in, welcome home, you are loved, you belong here now. No matter where you’ve been, come on in.” I just stated to cry when I heard this because I actually felt the love in the room. I felt that the congregation meant it. In that moment, I knew I was finally home. There were countless events, classes, conversations, and miracles and helped me learn of a Loving God that lived in my soul. The Unity Teachings not only saved my life – it GAVE me Life.


On a personal note, I am a very grateful single father of two amazing young men. Nick is 23 and Silas is 10. I find great joy in actively sharing the Unity Principles with them and assisting them in living their best lives. In addition, the pursuit of higher consciousness and working with friends in recovery are two of the most valuable things that I do with my time. Through understanding and practicing the Unity Principles (and with a lot of Grace), we have been able to transform what was once a bankrupt and broken soul into a privileged servant of our Loving God. I am here for you whenever you need me.


Linda Sletten, Secretary

Linda retired from Bank of America’s Mortgage Lending division in 2019 and now works as an independent mortgage loan processor. She began attending UNT in 2009 and previously served on our Leadership Council for 2 terms during the Manifesting the Vision fundraising and purchasing our property. Linda has been a UNT Prayer Chaplain for 8 years, and is co-leader of the Prayer Chaplains, an Usher and Worship Assistant.

~ What does Unity mean/represent to you? Unity is a way to live on a spiritual level.

~ What drew you to Unity North Tampa? An unseen force drew me to Unity. There is no other explanation.

~ Why do you serve? I serve to give back.

~ What excites you about the future of Unity North Tampa? We have a great group of people to build on the foundation that Rev. Virginia established. Our possibilities are unlimited.

Bobbie LeRoy.jpg

Bobbie LeRoy, L C Member at Large

After earning a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders, Bobbie worked for most of her 30-year career with disabled students in Illinois and Florida public schools. She attended two other Unity Centers before coming to UNT in 2007. She has volunteered as an Usher, a Worship Assistant, with Hospitality and Outreach. Bobbie recognizes that this is an important time in the life of our Unity ministry and she is honored to serve. 

~ What does Unity mean/represent to you? Unity is meaningful to me because it is a progressive, loving and nonjudgmental spiritual community.

~ What drew you to Unity North Tampa? Reverend Virginia’s message encouraged me to return to Unity North Tampa.   After attending several times, I liked the people and what UNT offered in the way of classes and activities.

~ Why do you serve?   I serve on the Leadership Team because this transition time is very important in the life and future of our spiritual community. I want to be a part of our continued operation and growth.


~ What excites you about the future of Unity North Tampa? Unity North Tampa’s new location with the beautiful grounds and larger Center offers great potential for growth. Presently we are maintaining our congregation, so when our new leader arrives, we will have new ideas and programs to enhance future growth.

Patty Quinby.jpg

Patty Quinby, LC Member at Large

Patty was a hospital pharmacist for 35 years and has been in Unity for many years. She joined UNT in 2015. She has been an active volunteer in the Youth Ministry and the Grounds Team. When Barbara Kramer recently resigned from the Council due to a temporary health challenge, the Leadership Council elected Patty to complete her term.

~ What does Unity mean/represent to you? Unity is my spiritual home.

~ What drew you to Unity North Tampa? I first attended Unity of Tampa with Rev Ross Goodman at the helm. I had been affiliated with the Catholic church but was looking for something more. When Ross Goodman retired, I began looking at other Unity churches and found one in north Tampa, where I was living. After a bit with Unity of Today, which disbanded, I found my way to Unity North Tampa.

~ Why do you serve?   I serve in the Youth Ministry as a helper, on the Leadership Council and the Grounds Team because I feel the need is there and I feel like I am supporting my Unity family.

~ What excites you about the future of Unity North Tampa? I am excited about the future of Unity North Tampa because of its potential for attracting more members with its beautiful facility and grounds and welcoming community. I think the future is very bright.

Interested in Volunteering at Our Next Event?

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