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Get To Know Us


Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson

I am a minister. I am a minister of souls around the world through Unity North Tampa, my podcast, live appearances and online courses. Very simply, I love people. And I love to help them GROW, PROSPER AND EVOLVE on their individual spiritual journey.


I love to see people wake up to their spiritual power and change their lives for the better. This changes the world…one person, one day, and one moment at a time. In essence, I work with change agents. People who are attracted to my work see that we must become 100% responsible for the choices we make and the lives we live. This is an awakening thought, and when spiritually like-minded people surround you, amazing things begin to happen for you.


If you are ready for more of the soul you came to be, I invite you. I invite you to be an integral part of the collective soul work we are doing. I invite you to join us and move your journey forward. It’s time to begin living from your soul and play with the big kids.


Blessings on the journey,

Cynthia Alice Anderson

Mindy Christine

Mindy Christine has been with Unity North Tampa since 2018 as an active member.  She joined our staff in 2020 as our amazing office assistant!  Mindy now also leads our Youth Ministry and carries out a variety of tasks on behalf of the ministry.  Mindy grew up in Cincinnati, OH and the faith of her childhood was Christian Science.  Mindy has a strong prayer practice and connection to God.  

Rory Doty

Technical Director

Born in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, I was raised in Franklinville, New York. After high school graduation, I attended Bryant & Stratton Business Institute in Buffalo, New York, where I received my Associate's Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. I moved to Orlando, Florida in 1979, where I have worked in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. I began attending Christ Church Unity in 2011, where I joined the music team, the AV team and was a member of the staff in the position of Facilities Assistant. I moved to Spring Hill, Florida, in 2020 to retire but work several part-time jobs at this time.


I was warmly welcomed into the Unity North Tampa family in November 2021 and immediately joined the production team. I enjoy learning about Spirituality through Unity Principles, which guides me on my spiritual path.

Amanda Staunko

Amanda Staunko's spiritual journey started 20 years ago. It has taken her to some wild and crazy places -- literally and figuratively, from Peru to the West Coast to the wilds of Arkansas and back home again in Florida, from early studies into different paths of paganism to Native American spiritual traditions to shamanism and plant medicine to learning under Angie Castillo in the Vibrational Attunement class. Her public speaking experience began when she was in high school, earning a Master's Certificate as a Creative Writing major. She has since completed Landmark Education's Curriculum for Living and participated in their Introduction Leaders Program. Amanda stumbled upon Unity in St. Petersburg in 2009, and in 2012 began working Sundays as an Administrative Assistant at Unity North Tampa with Rev. Virginia Walsh before becoming the full-time Administrator in 2016. In 2019 she decided it was time to focus on her dreams of becoming a professional photographer and continues to pursue that full-time. When Rev. Virginia called to announce her retirement in June 2021, she asked if Amanda would be able and willing to return as Co-Admin part-time during the transition. With a happy and thankful heart, Amanda has come home to her spiritual community, where she delights in serving and connecting with congregants. She leads a bi-weekly sound bath, and also serves as a Prayer Chaplain.

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