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Get To Know Us


Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson

I am a minister. I am a minister of souls around the world through Unity North Tampa, my podcast, live appearances and online courses. Very simply, I love people. And I love to help them GROW, PROSPER AND EVOLVE on their individual spiritual journey.


I love to see people wake up to their spiritual power and change their lives for the better. This changes the world…one person, one day, and one moment at a time. In essence, I work with change agents. People who are attracted to my work see that we must become 100% responsible for the choices we make and the lives we live. This is an awakening thought, and when spiritually like-minded people surround you, amazing things begin to happen for you.


If you are ready for more of the soul you came to be, I invite you. I invite you to be an integral part of the collective soul work we are doing. I invite you to join us and move your journey forward. It’s time to begin living from your soul and play with the big kids.


Blessings on the journey,

Cynthia Alice Anderson

Mindy Christine

Mindy Christine has been with Unity North Tampa since 2018 as an active member.  She joined our staff in 2020 as our amazing office assistant!  Mindy now also leads our Youth Ministry and carries out a variety of tasks on behalf of the ministry.  Mindy grew up in Cincinnati, OH and the faith of her childhood was Christian Science.  Mindy has a strong prayer practice and connection to God.  

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