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Kids & Teens

Unity North Tampa’s  Kids & Teens

Unity North Tampa offers spiritual education programs for children from toddlers to teens during the 11 a.m. service. Our Youth Ministry provides a strong spiritual foundation for children’s lives. Our program honors the many paths to God, and the many ways to worship God, with instruction and learning that is firmly rooted in positive and progressive Christianity.

Unity’s Five Basic Principles for Children

  1. God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.

  2. I am naturally good because God’s divinity is in me and in everyone.

  3. I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.

  4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.

  5. I do and give my best by living the truth I know. I make a difference.

Questions around our Kids & Teens Ministry?


Music & Worship Teams

Sunday Morning Celebration Services are both inspiring and thought-provoking.  We believe that worship is to be the celebration of all the spiritual work you are doing the other 6 days of the week.  And Sundays become a time of community, connection and spiritual renewal.  Sunday worship and music provide the healing energy and open the heart to new possibilities while the message will guide and support your soul’s journey.

Our Music Team includes our wonderful band and singers from our very own congregation.

We also love to bring in special guest soloists for special occasions and often host New Thought musicians

from around the country.


Unity North Tampa hosts special concerts and guest musicians, join us for a memorable time!




Vision Statement

Our vision is to extend our love and caring to those in our area without residences.

Mission Statement

We share without judgment gifts of food, water, hygiene kits, clothes, Bibles, and other inspiring literature along with a word of encouragement, and prayer if requested. We serve in consciousness in the truth of knowing that we are all one. We reach out in unconditional love seeing each individual as perfect, whole and complete. We gift all we have received to all who are there to receive.

Core Values

We are all one family in Spirit.
We serve in unconditional love and respect without judgment.
We recognize that the ones who serve are the ones truly blessed.
We circulate all that we receive.

Current Outreach Program

Unity North Tampa has partnered with Homeless Helping Homeless for many years and has been a supporter of providing no-cost housing to people in need. Recently our funds helped purchase the mobile home that provides up to 5 beds a night for those living on the street.


To learn more please visit the Homeless Helping Homeless Website.  

Without generous people, Unity North Tampa would not be where we are today, and we are so grateful.



Unity North Tampa members praying for other members

Unity was founded in prayer. At Unity North Tampa, we continue that tradition of our faith and steep all we do in prayer. From our Sunday services to our many events, everything begins and ends in prayer. We also have Prayer Chaplains available each Sunday to pray with you one-on-one after services. And when you become a member, you receive a call each month to support you and your loved ones in prayer. Prayer Chaplains are trained volunteers and will support you in prayer, holding everything in confidence that is said. 

Another tradition in our faith is to have a prayer box where you may put your confidential prayer requests. Our prayer box is located in the sanctuary. After placing your request in the prayer box, we lift your name in prayer for 30 days and then send your name along to Silent Unity, Unity’s 24-hr prayer ministry, to hold you in prayer for another 30 days.

Prayer Chaplains and Ministers are honored to support your sacred, spiritual journey.


Shirley Rowell is our Prayer Chaplain Director and is available by contacting our office by emailing:

Unity North Tampa members praying for other members during prayer circle

Unity's Prayer for Protection was written originally during World War II to support soldiers in feeling God's presence during a time of war, turmoil and physical danger. Over the years, this prayer has served millions of people around the world in their spiritual journey. In its simplicity, it seems to have profound impact.

50 years ago, astronaut Buzz Aldrin took this prayer to the moon with him on the Apollo 11 mission. And he has spoken at Unity Village many times about the tremendous impact this one small prayer has had on feeling the presence of God in every moment. We hope you will use this prayer to support your journey.

The Light of God surrounds me
The Love of God enfolds me
The Power of God protects me
The Presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is!
--James Dillet Freeman

Cropped UNT Prayer Chaplains 2023.png

We would love for you to visit us on Sunday!

Special Ceremonies

Special Ceremonies
Brides at the Alter


We can help make one of the most important days of your life even more meaningful. Unity is a Christian organization where people of all faiths and sexual orientations may be married. Our minister, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, officiates at weddings and commitment ceremonies. You may choose to have your wedding in an outdoor garden, in your favorite hotel, at home, in our sanctuary, or another special place.

Newly Wed Couple


Christening is an ancient ritual that predates even the earliest Christian traditions. The rite and the interpretation of its meaning have undergone many changes over time, and today Christening is practiced in many different ways. The purpose of Christening is to recognize the spiritual identity and purpose of a soul. In Unity, we look to the example of Jesus as our guide.

In Mark 10: 13-16, we read that Jesus took children in his arms and blessed them.

Christening in Unity is the act of welcoming a child into our world and recognizing this soul by name in its human journey. It is a time for parents to dedicate themselves to raising their child in an awareness of God’s loving presence.

Godparents ~ You may choose as many people as you wish or have no Godparents. There is no legal obligation or responsibility made through a Christening service.

Spiritual Baptisms ~ For children and adults, we also provide a baptism service.

image of lilies

Memorial Services

At the time of the passing of a loved one, many people want a service and don’t know where to turn. We are here to support people in times of grief and loss. We can provide services at the location of your choice. Our services are positive, uplifting celebrations of the life lived. We honor each person’s spiritual traditions.

Living Room

Home Blessings

A private home blessing ceremony acknowledges and honors your home as a sacred space, a sanctuary of love, peace and joy. Many people request a home blessing as they settle into a new home or apartment, but a home blessing ceremony is appropriate at any time, whether you have just moved in or have lived in your home for many years.

Stay updated on special services, events and important dates.

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